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Dustin Mater: ​Profiles of a Nation, Extended Cut
Even when he was a child, Dustin Mater knew he would be an artist. A talented Chickasaw, Mater spends his time creating designs with a variety of materials, including paint, metal, and shells, and he draws inspiration from his Chickasaw heritage.


In this extended cut, learn about Dustin’s collaboration with the Pendleton Blanket Legendary Series, his design process and his unwillingness to stick to just one medium.

Artist Dustin Mater: Inspired by Native Designs
The Chickasaw Southeastern Art Show & Market
Chickasaw artist Dustin Mater describes the inspiration he has found in designs from prehistoric mound cultures.


Traditional shell gorgets are a medium, in addition to the sketches he finishes digitally. Each piece is unique and incorporates ancient symbols that tell a story.

CNTV: March 15, 2011 – Chickasaw Artist Dustin Mater
Chickasaw Nation News
Artist Dustin Mater shares some of his art pieces and reflects upon the inspiration he draws from his Chickasaw heritage. He is proud to be a part of the Chickasaw cultural renaissance.

View more of Dustin's videos on the Chickasaw Nation's website,

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